The only
one NFT of legendary Neurobet.

A project that made dozens of online casinos go bankrupt. The Neurobet creators have long erased the smirks from the casino owners' faces. The neuro-network and its botnets kept hacking one casino after another until a real hunt began for hackers forcing them to go underground. A select few trusted community members continued to humiliate scam casinos by taking away their profits. You can be the owner of the very project that terrified all online casino owners for a good year and a half. Introducing Neurobet NFT.

What you will get:

1.Legendary Neurobet and its entire Dark history.

2. Full transfer of rights to the domain name.

3. Full transfer of rights to the domain name.

4. Source codes of the project websites and

5. Full transfer of rights to all social media related to the project.

Create your own history and earn on Neurobet!

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